New Attitude, Who this?

Hey lovelies,

How you all doing today? Happy New Month guys!! I am so sorry I have been away for a while, I was just getting used to my new schedule. Now that I am almost well adjusted I will keep the posts coming!! 😉

The quote I will be sharing in this post, I found on my friend’s Instagram story, and it just accurately describes me, so I thought to share it with you guys, just maybe it will describe you too. Here is the quote

Sometimes you fall off the wagon for months. Sometimes you tell yourself you’re gonna start fresh on Monday and by Wednesday you’ve already fallen off. Sometimes you have to restart 100 times and it’s frustrating. But it will be okay. You can do this. One day at a time.” 


I started reading this book, Lineage of Grace by Francis Rivers, and boy have I learned so much. The book starts with the story of Judah and Tamar (Read about the story in Gen 38), and I remember as I was reading about Tamar, I said to myself “I want to be like this woman”. Her character is described (in details) as strong, disciplined and patient. She didn’t let her situation define her life or what became of her, and that inspired me so much.

FullSizeRender (8)

And as I was reading this story with so much enthusiasm and inspiration, it got me thinking about how so many times a lot of us want to improve certain things about ourselves.We get this charge and zeal to begin to work towards improvement and after a couple days, the zeal to improve reduces and we become unable to continue to work towards our goal and then we get defeated.

Trust me, if you ever find yourself in this situation you are not alone. When you really want to achieve a goal, you set your mind to it but sometimes it doesn’t go as we plan. Mostly because we create this perfect illusion of how those goals will play out in our lives and when they don’t play out as we plan we begin to lose hope.

For me, one area I find myself constantly struggling with is setting time apart for my quiet time in the morning. Most times, I am up pretty early, but there is always this constant struggle to warm up to my bed until the last possible minute or every other thing being more important at the start of the day. But sometimes when I fail to meet my expectations, I feel discouraged and disappointed and sometimes I think to myself “There is no point of even trying”, but one thing I have noticed is that I get better with each time I try again.


So, this message is for anyone else out there who is trying to improve themselves in terms of their relationship, career or academics; don’t lose hope. Pick yourself up every time you fall, because when you get up you are even stronger. Even Thomas Edison, the guy who invented the light bulb failed at it 1000 times. Everything in life is a process. In due time you will reach your goal. In the mean time just keep trying. If you fall, dust yourself, pick yourself up, put on your confidence, and reintroduce yourself to yourself — “New Attitude, who’s this?” 


What I am wearing:

Rompers: H&M

Sunshades: Aldo


Till next time my friends.


Lots of Love,








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