David’s Tea Summer Collection 2017 Review

Hey guys,

How are you all doing today? I hope your day has been great so far!

Summer is just around the corner and the weather is getting hotter. So, that means ice cream, shorts and iced tea!!!!

Today I will be reviewing David’s Tea Summer collection for 2017. I am a very huge fan of David’s Tea, and I thought I’d share with you guys my thoughts on the new summer tea collection.

So, what’s in the collection?


In the box, you will find five teas (4 fruit infusions and 1 green tea) and 10 agave sticks. In this post, I will be sharing with you guys my thoughts on tea in terms of what I thought of the tea before I tried it, and what I thought of it afterwards. I will rate each tea out of 10, and I will also talk about my preference in terms of it being hot or cold.

Here are the list of teas in the box:

1. Grapefruit Granita


Thoughts before trying it: I wasn’t too sure how I would feel about this tea since one of the main fruit in it is grapefruit. I am not a huge fan of grapefruit because I find it has a bitter aftertaste. I didn’t really like the smell of the tea, and I also thought that I wouldn’t like it because it’s a green tea, and I usually prefer my green tea hot. Little did I know that I would be in for a huge surprise after I tried it.

Thoughts after trying it: I was really impressed by this tea. I tried the tea both hot and cold, and I totally preferred it cold! The tea has a strong citrus and cream flavour.  It does taste like grapefruit without the bitter aftertaste ;), which I believe is mostly because of the apple in the tea, as well as the agave that I added to it.  Furthermore, I found that I couldn’t taste the tea until after drinking it; so in order to really enjoy this drink, you shouldn’t drink it fast in order to savour the taste.  Also, my apartment smelled really nice after making the iced tea. Overall, I was really impressed by this tea.

Overall Rating: 8/10

2. Blackberry Blizzard


Thoughts before trying it: Loved the way it smelled. It smelled very sweet, like berries. It had quite a strong sweet smell, and even my mouth tasted watery just smelling it. So, I was pretty excited to try it, and I was expecting that the tea would have a very sweet taste since the fruit infusion included apple, pineapple, hibiscus and papaya.

Thoughts after trying it: I was really surprised at the results! I thought this tea would taste really sweet, but it was quite mild. I tried this both hot and cold, and I preferred it as a hot tea. It is perfect for when you are craving something sweet and warm. The tea tastes stronger when it is hot compared to when it is cold. It is nice to try this cold if you are looking for something refreshing with a mild fruity taste.

Overall Rating:  7/10

3. Sour Watermelon


Thoughts before trying it: I felt neutral about trying this because I tried this tea as a sample from a David’s Tea store, and I didn’t like it or hate it so I wasn’t too hyped about trying it. The tea had a strong fruity smell. It smelled of a good blend of the fruits in the tea (sour apple, honeydew melon, watermelon and beetroot).

Thoughts after trying it: After trying this tea hot and cold, I preferred it hot.  I felt neutral after trying the tea. It is not one of my favourites in the collection. It tasted sour as the name suggested. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it, and there wasn’t anything I loved about it.  I probably won’t crave it, but if someone happens to offer this to me, I won’t refuse it 🙂

Overall Rating: 5/10

4. Coco Colada


Thoughts on it before trying it: I was totally excited about trying this tea out because included in the fruit fusion are two of my favourite fruits in it – pineapple and coconut. I didn’t think tea could get any better! 🙂 The tea smells very sweet, the smell of the pineapple overshadows the other fruits in it, and the coconut sort of complements the pineapple in it in a very subtle way. It smelled very tropical, almost reminding me of going on vacation. Right away, I thought I was going to love this tea.

Thoughts after trying it: My nose didn’t betray me! I absolutely loved it!! It tasted very tropical, and it was very refreshing. It is definitely one of my favourites in the summer collection. I also preferred it cold, because I thought it was too sweet to have it hot. It is definitely a tea I would want to have after a long day.

Overall Rating: 9/10

5. Rainbow Sherbet


Thoughts before trying it:  Smelling this tea reminds me of walking into a candy store; it smelled fun and very sweet. It had a strong apple and pineapple smell, and I thought to myself I am definitely going to like this tea. Also, I thought I would like this tea cold because I just generally prefer having sweet tea cold. I was definitely excited to try this one.

Thoughts after trying it: I thought this was really good. It was definitely really really sweet, but then again that’s because it has apple, pineapple, sweet blackberry leaves, orange and raspberries, which I believe contributed greatly to the sweetness of the tea, even though I could mostly taste the pineapple and orange in it. This tea would definitely make a good dessert after dinner.

Overall Rating: 8/10


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